The Performing Arts is a highly valued subject area within our school. The faculty offers a diverse and engaging curriculum that allows students to be creative within the disciplines of dance, drama and music as separate subjects. Within KS3, students focus on developing creative, performance and appreciation skills with an emphasis on building confidence and practically exploring a wide range of topics. At KS4 and 5, student delve further into the performing arts as they theoretically analyse and practically explore professional repertoire and devise, choreograph and compose original work.

Head of Faculty:  Miss S Stow

Faculty StaffRole
Miss L Corder2i/c Performing Arts
Miss OsborneDrama
Mr D SargeantMusic
Miss S StowHead of Faculty
Mrs T TelferDance

Dan Kyle is our amazing Guitar teacher at WGS and has been teaching here for more than 10 years.
If you would like to learn how to play the guitar please contact me with any questions:
Dan’s fees are currently £10 for a 30 min private lesson OR £7 for a 20 min private lesson; he delivers 5 lessons each term.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Mrs Pell

Click here to download Music Lesson Flyer