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At Walderslade School, the safeguarding of children and young people is of utmost importance. Simply speaking, safeguarding is the protection of young people of young people and children from abuse or maltreatment and ensuring that all of our young people and children grow up in a safe and protective environment.

We have an extensive safeguarding team made up of a variety of professionals who are trained in support for emotional health and wellbeing in all its forms. We endeavour to ensure that all of our students are supported and listened to, as well as offering extended support to our students’ families if and when needed. Our approach to safeguarding all of our students is constantly reviewed, developed and updated to ensure that we are offering the best level of support.

In short, the care we offer our students is genuine and thorough and is a priority to every member of staff here, not just the safeguarding team.

Within school, we have several mental health first aiders that are able to offer informal counselling to our students, as well as a variety of support groups and interventions to encourage good mental health and support mechanisms for a variety of issues.

Some other emotional health support initiatives in place across our school are:

  • A relevant and regularly reviewed approach to form times and personal development lessons.
  • Support from external agencies to help give a well-rounded approach to mental health and safeguarding issues.
  • Wellbeing assemblies focusing on a range of topics and subjects.
  • Regular mental health workshops (working on anxiety, low mood and exam stress).
  • Parental Workshops (see links on the school website).
  • One-to-one sessions with our school counsellor.
  • Workshops with our Family Liaison Officer.

We also offer support in school for social skills, ELSA (emotional literacy support assistance), anger management, ALUMINA self harm support, as well as working with external agencies such as Holding On and Letting Go bereavement services, Open Road substance misuse support, Young Carers and the Medway Children’s Safeguarding Partnership to ensure that as much support as possible is accessible to our young people and families.

Safeguarding Team

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