Walderslade School takes all reported incidents of bullying seriously. Students have a range of ways that they can report concerns of bullying: speak to a trusted adult in school, a parent/carer can report their son/ward’s concerns to the Pastoral team, or students and parents/carers can use our ‘Red Button’ facility.

The Red Button can be found at the bottom of the Walderslade School homepage. The Red Button is a means for students/parents/carers to report concerns of bullying. The report can be done anonymously or, should you wish to be provided with an update into the investigation, you can provide contact details when completing your on-line log so that the Pastoral team can contact you. The Red Button facility is monitored by three members of staff and the five Heads of Year – the logs are not publicly visible.

Walderslade School does not tolerate bullying – there is no place for it in our Academy – we strive to provide a nurturing, caring and collaborative school environment and any students found to not be adhering to these needs, and purposefully targeting other student(s) will be sanctioned, however the education of all parties involved will always be our first priority.

Through our school values (such as ‘caring’) and other means, we aim to educate all our students on anti-bullying. Ways in which educate our students on anti-bullying are:

  • Kindness Week
  • National Anti-bullying Week
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • Diana Award Training
  • Regular assemblies
  • Form time material

Parents can help support Walderslade School, and our crusade against bullying, by actively monitoring their son/ward’s social media footprint. Incidents of bullying can often ‘spill’ into outside of school time via: the sending of unkind messages, videos, general on-line harassment etc. In these incidents, we ask that parents/carers actively monitor their son/ward’s use of social media and help us to champion the proponent of kindness.