Between Greenacre Sports Partnership, the Skills For Life Trust and other partners in the Medway area we plan and deliver over 25 sporting events throughout the academic year. We have developed a Sports Leadership Academy aimed at up skilling secondary aged pupils in all the areas needed to help run these events. Each year over 50 pupils receive training and experience to help them gain skills which they can take forward as they progress through school years and hopefully into employment.

Throughout secondary school we help to refine pupil’s talent in leadership as well as ensuring we put on spectacular sporting events. We work with the Skills for Life strategy to develop leaders and equip pupil’s with the vital skills they need for adult life in preparation for employment. 

Skills for life values: Respect, excellence, collaboration, independence, perseverance, enjoyment, integrity, leadership and care.

In our primary schools we focus on the RECIPE strategy to help equip children with the vital skills they need for secondary school and adult life. These values are based on promoting positive behaviour for learning, which will develop skills that are imperative in life and within sporting events. 

RECIPE: Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Independence, Perseverance and Enjoyment.