Faculty of Social Sciences

Head of Faculty
Ms J Cleaves

Curriculum Statement

The Health and Social Care curriculum is primarily focused on the vocational aspects of the subject. The courses in KS4 and KS5 effectively prepare our learners for careers in the Health and Social Care sector as well as supporting students to apply for related Higher Education courses. The KS4 curriculum is a Cambridge National course and the sixth form course follows the BTEC National Extended Certificate curriculum.

Year 10

Students begin by looking at the Principles of Care within Health and Social Care which includes care settings, the rights of service users, person centred values and protecting both service users and providers.

In tandem with this Unit, students will also cover the Life Events unit looking at life stages, factors that affect growth and development and sources of support for individuals. The learners will then finish the year producing a controlled assessment on the Life events unit.

Year 11

The main focus of year 11 initially is the unit on Health Promotion which will culminate in a Controlled Assessed piece of work on a health promotion of the student’s choice. This should be completed by the February half term. Learners will also return to their first unit on Principles of Care in preparation for their summer exam.

Year 12

The Year 12 curriculum builds on the skills and knowledge of the KS4 curriculum. The content is split and taught by two specialists. In Year 12, students will be taught Unit 1 Human Lifespan Development in order to prepare them for the summer exam at the end of Year 12. This includes topics such as life stages and the relevant developmental milestones. It also covers the various factors which affect health and well being such as genetic, biological, social, environmental and economic factors.

In conjunction with Unit 1, learners will learn about Meeting and Supporting the needs of Service Users. This is Unit 5 and it will be assessed by learners producing non-examined coursework units.

Both units must be completed by learners before the end of the summer term.

Year 13

Similarly, Year 13 learners need to sit an examined unit and produce coursework non-examined work that will complete the Extended Certificate qualification. In Year 13 the initial focus is on the exam unit Working in Health and Social Care. This includes topics such as roles and responsibilities in Health and Social Care, the role of organisations, empowering individuals and good working practices. The examination is taken in January and can be re-sat in May along with the Unit 1.

Learners will also need to produce coursework for Unit 10, Sociological Perspectives in Health and Social Care. This unit will be covered from September until April and includes various sociological theories, models of health care and the demographic inequalities which affect health and well being outcomes.

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