Faculty of Social Sciences

Head of Faculty
Ms J Cleaves

The Child Development curriculum follows the Cambridge National Level 1 and 2 course which is focused on the vocational aspects of the subject. This course effectively prepares our learners for working in Early Years settings.  It covers all aspects of child development, from conception to five years, as well as providing safe and nurturing environments.

Year 10

The first Component studied in Year 10 is based on the examined unit and covers Health and Well Being in Child Development. The topics included focus on the stages before, during and shortly after birth such as pre-conceptual factors, contraception and reproduction, pregnancy and birth. Students will also go on to explore child illnesses and child safety in terms 3 to 4.

The latter part of year 10 is spent on developing students’ knowledge and skills for the first non-examined coursework element. This component covers two aspects; safe environments for children and meeting the nutritional needs of children. Topics include planning a safe environment, identifying hazards and selecting appropriate equipment for 0-5-year olds. The section on nutrition forms the second part of the coursework and discusses healthy eating, the ‘Eatwell’ plate, planning and evaluating meals for babies and young children.

Year 11

Year 11 continues with the non-examined components where learners will complete their assessments on safety and nutrition. They will then start the next component of coursework in the Autumn term which covers the development of children from aged 1-5. This section will include topics such as developmental norms, stages and types of play, observing and recording play and how play benefits development norms. In terms 3 and 4, learners are required to plan appropriate play activities and evaluate these for their assessment.

In term 4 and 5, students will return to the initial unit on Health and Well Being in Child Development and spend time revising and practicing exam technique in preparation for the summer exam.


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