Homework is an essential part of a child’s education. We at WGSP believe that homework plays a crucial role in the educational development of our young people. Homework serves as an extension to regular classroom practice, providing students with the opportunity to reinforce concepts, practice key skills and develop effective study skills such as independence. Homework should be meaningful for the student and manageable for the teacher.

Homework at WGSP will look like the following:

Keystage 3:

  • Students complete regular online quizzes based on Knowledge Organisers. Quizzes are compulsory for all students to complete
  • Quizzes will be set every Monday by a variety of subjects. There is no fixed rota. We encourage students to create their own homework schedule to ensure they meet all deadlines.
  • Students must complete the quiz in the time provided. Deadlines will be made explicit.
  • All quizzes will be set via Microsoft Teams. Students and parents will be able to view them as soon as they have been set by the subject teacher.
  • Love for Learning tasks are provided and encouraged by all departments. Completion of this optional element of the homework policy will be rewarded.

Keystage 4:

  • Students are to complete between 30-90 minutes of homework per fortnight in each subject.
  • Homework may look different in different subjects (some subjects may use online quizzes; some subjects may require extended writing).

Keystage 5:

  • Students are to complete 5 hours a fortnight of homework and independent study in each subject.
  • Much like KS4, homework could look different depending on the subject area.

Any questions or queries regarding homework, please contact your child’s form tutor.