During your child’s time with us they will still receive opportunities to complete tasks in their Skills for Life Passport from Reception through to year 6. Once completed, lots of wonderful memories of new skills acquired or experiences shared.

The Passport has been created to allow our pupils to develop their soft skills and also learn some valuable life skills, which help to prepare them for the next steps after primary school. Many of the activities will be completed in school alongside their academic learning, or during the social times in the day, as there are some fun activities which they can complete with friends.

We know as Parents and Carers how you like to be involved in your child’s learning so we have included an electronic passport for you to be able to look at, and if you are able to complete any of the activities as a family then send in a picture to your child’s teacher and they can get a stamp in their passport.

The start the passport really is part of the primary journey, it underpins our Skills for Life ethos and Values, teaches and develops our younger pupils soft skills, enables them to learn valuable life skills and for them to be involved in some fun activities too. Click on the Passport to view it.