Over the course of KS3 students will participate in a variety of different practical classes in both dance and drama. Students are expected to fully engage in the practical and fun aspects of performing arts, where they will not only develop their technical and performance skills in both disciplines, but they will also build self – confidence through creativity. Students will also work on their life skills, through group work activities and performance opportunities. Students are assessed termly through a filmed performance and written evaluation.

KS4 Performing Arts

Students complete this course over 2 years, with the first year dedicated to developing key skills in acting, dancing and musical theatre. This is a vocational course and provides a solid foundation for progression in to the performing arts industry. Students will develop their technical and performance skills in a selection of performing arts disciplines and through a variety of exciting performance opportunities. Each unit of work includes research, rehearsal, filmed performance, and evaluation. 75% of this course is assessed through practical assignments and a portfolio of evidence, which is internally assessed. In Year 11 students devise a performance and complete a written exam, which is externally assessed.

KS5 Performing Arts (Dance)

The Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Performing Arts (Dance pathway) is intended as an Applied General qualification. It is designed for post-16 learners with an interest in performing arts who want to continue their education through applied learning, and who aim to progress to higher education. This qualification gives a broad introduction to the performing arts sector with an emphasis on core knowledge and fundamental skills which are transferable across other sectors (including  communication, presentation, physical and creative skills). Assessment for the course will consist of a mixture of live performance exams, workshops, workshop performances and written assignments and presentations. This course will include an extended written assessment at the end of the second year of study.

Extra- Curricular Activities

Thursday after school 3-4pm – Drama Club (PA Studio)

KS3 Music Performance

In Music lessons at Key stage 3, students will participate in practical lessons, aimed at embedding key knowledge and learning new skills on a variety of instruments. Students will be taught new skills on instruments such as keyboards, ukulele, guitar, drums and voice and these new skills will be put into practice in class performances, band and ensemble work, as well as independent tasks. Students will build on their knowledge through regular quizzing and will improve their skill set through peer and teacher led feedback. Students are assessed every term through recordings of performances, feedback and target setting.

KS3 Music Technology

Students in Key stage three also receive a lesson of Music Technology every fortnight. The music industry is rapidly evolving through the use of technology, so we aim to give our students the best understanding of how to create music in this exciting and rapidly evolving area.  We use Digital Audio Workstations to create and compose music and students are given feedback on their work.


At Key Stage 4, students’ study BTEC Tech Award in Music Performance. This course allows students to develop the foundation knowledge and skills learned at key stage three and refine their instrumental abilities. Students also compose, create and perform their own music for their final exam.


At key stage 5, students study the BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Music Performance. This course allows for more in depth and detailed study of music theory, as well as honing their performance skills, both as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. There are plenty of opportunities for students to perform in front of an audience by taking part in school shows throughout the year.