At Greenacre Academy, the Geography curriculum is delivered in an engaging way to help students develop a love for learning geography. We want students to become sustainable, global citizens with a deep understanding of the world and the challenges it faces.

Through studying Geography, our students develop their knowledge and understanding of: the natural world, development, sustainability, people of the world, threats to the planet and environmental challenges. Students also focus on case studies of specific regions and continents throughout KS3 and KS4.

The GCSE content covered in KS4 follows the OCR Geography A specification and builds upon the skills and knowledge gained in KS3. In addition to this, fieldwork in both KS3 and KS4 offers students the chance to experience physical and/or human environments outside of their normal surroundings and provides memorable learning experiences to accompany their studies.

Key stage 3:

Year 7 topics: Geography skills, geography of the UK, natural resources, Asia case study, glaciation, natural disasters.

Year 8 topics: Biomes and ecosystems, the geography of sport, Africa case study, weather and climatic extremes, Middle East case study, rivers and oceans.

Year 9 topics: Human threats to the planet, the Americas case study, tectonic processes, urban vs rural, the geography of crime, global inequalities.

Useful Websites for KS3:

Key stage 4:

The OCR Geography A GCSE is split into three papers:

  • Paper 1 – Living in the UK today
  • Paper 2 – The world around us
  • Paper 3 – Geographical skills

Useful apps/websites for KS4:

Seneca Learning –

Revision world (past exam papers) –

BBC Bitesize –

Internet Geography –

Time for Geography –

GCSE revision guide: My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE (9-1) Geography A Second Edition by Simon Ross, Jo Payne and Rebecca Blackshaw.

What jobs/careers can Geography lead to?